Rita Van Tassel's

Hand Stitching Felt Kits
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Check out the new faces joining the gang alongside some of our favorites! Now including Premium Wool Blend felt.
Kevlar Felt Skid Plates

Increase the
Life of Your Canoe

Protect both the bow and stern of your canoe from shoreline scrapes and strikes.
Kapmat Watering Mat

Make Sure Your Plants Always Get the Moisture They Need

Start off your seedlings and stay on top of your watering with The Felt Store's self-regulating irrigation mat for planters and pots.
Made in Canada

Custom Wool Ironing Mats

New Custom Wool Ironing Mats made to fit any craft or design space.

Take the Natural Approach

Preventative Burlap Barrier Banding for Pest Control

As Spring and Summer approach, there’s one invasive pest in particular that is getting ready to create havoc in the treetops: The infamous Spongy Moth, also known as Lymantria dispar dispar (LDD) or the Gypsy Moth.

If you’re looking for a natural and easy way to control these invasive pests, we’ve created an easy guide to creating “Burlap Traps” that will catch Spongy Moth caterpillars, including how to dispose of them safely and effectively.

Wrapping Your Trees with Burlap



We chose to work with The Felt Store because of it's incredible variety of felt colors - it was the only place we could find that had everything we were looking for. Our experience was nothing but positive - great service and great quality.

The Pretty Life Girls
The Pretty Life Girls

Our makers loved working with your felt and we can't wait for you to see the products shine on screen!

NBC Making It
NBC Making It

I have been working with The Felt Store for years, and am continuously grateful for the consistently excellent quality of their product and the kind professionalism of their staff.

Ellen Bleiwas
Ellen Bleiwas